2016 - 2017
William moberg 1ae

In early 2016 I downloaded Blender and started learning very simple 3D modeling and drawing textures within the program. 3D to me was at this point a supplement to traditional painting. This new hobby continued throughout the year.

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As I started putting more and more effort in a couple of scenes I started thinking it was about time to look up tutorials and pursue learning "real" game graphics.

William moberg william m screen 7680x3240 2017 02 18 19 16 26
William moberg 3

Here are a few of of my first character models I created as work samples.

William moberg william m highresscreenshot000123c
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As soon as I got accepted into Futuregames I dropped Blender and started learning Maya as the school would start in a few months. I took the time to try out hard-surface modeling and practice texturing with Substance Painter.

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My first side projects let me try out new software such as Marvelous Designer before starting character projects.

William moberg william moberg orto

My project for a hardsurface modeling course was this RPG-7.

William moberg amber

My first character project during the first year of school, completed in November.

Here I present a lot of my stuff from my first two years learning 3D, starting with some of my very first Blender models during 2016, to when I started with "real 3D", to my first side projects at the school Futuregames during the fall and winter of 2017. Everything is in chronological order.