Knåddskogen - 06/18

Role: Product Owner, Character Artist & Animator, in charge of the majority of set dressing & some level design.
Before our summer break at school we created Knåddskogen; a 7 week game project. In the game you play as a kindergarten teacher and you have to gather a ton of children in a Swedish forest. You throw them at various obstacles or at each other as you make your way through the forest.
During the Swedish Game Awards, aimed at students and/or indie developers, the game won Best Execution in Art and also won Gamer's Choice, the award that everyone could vote for during the expo.

The game is available for download here:

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William moberg william moberg customize

The teacher has 4 texture sets: Skin/Hair, Hat/Glasses, Jacket/Backpack and Pants/Shoes. The player can mix individual parts to their liking. The child is just 1 texture set (I made 30 variants). Albedo only. Johanna Norrby did the backpack designs!

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A few of the animations in a test scene. Aleksander Salasoo implemented the animations in Unity.

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William moberg william moberg wireframes 1

Since I hadn't ever animated in a game project before I made extra sure both meshes were airtight to avoid any extra time being spent skinning.

William moberg sculpts
William moberg sga

Knåddskogen Trailer