Long Hair & Braids - 08/18

This hairstyle allowed me to try braids and focus on haircard direction. Since the hair is larger than my previous projects I also present a few initial LOD steps that help negate the extra triangles.
All haircard textures are created with Maya and Photoshop and are at a 1024 x 2048 resolution. The hair is rendered using Epic's hair shader. All haircards are manually placed in Maya.
Inspired by Guido Palau's work for Valentino.

William moberg sides
William moberg splashandtop
William moberg idk3
William moberg lods2

~20k is still high, but these initial LOD steps were as simple as toggling off some fly-away layers and remove a couple of extra haircards. All the structure and depth is still retained.

William moberg mayawf2
William moberg sides2