Dolph - 05/18
William moberg thumbnail6
William moberg backside
William moberg body
William moberg boots

I exploited the soft bouncing light from what little snow we got in Stockholm to get a good base color texture for the boots. Later in Painter I simply soft-masked out the extra bright areas and darkened them, followed by a dirt- and roughness pass.

William moberg sculpting

It was fun to work with large, chunky folds but I kept some things a bit too flat out of irrational polycount fears.

William moberg textures
William moberg wireframe
William moberg front

The hair is 10,948 tris and 2k textures. My first attempt at short hair.

William moberg rear
William moberg wireframe

A real-time character project to mainly attempt creating military clothing and in the meantime also test out basic photogrammetry. All texturing done in Painter.