Vikingahjälm - 08/18
William moberg splash
William moberg splash2
William moberg nohelmet 1
William moberg nohelmet 2

A couple of harsher light tests to showcase skin- and hair textures.

William moberg nohelmet 4b
William moberg wf
William moberg textures

I use 3 texture sets for this character, excluding the various eye textures that the epic shader is using. I wanted to avoid several texture sets for the hair components so I managed to squeeze in 32 haircard types on the hair texture set.

William moberg sculpting

For this project I dug up an abandoned likeness project of a certain action movie actor from earlier this year. While I departed from the likeness for this project I think you can still make him out without the hair or helmet.

A viking bust inspired by concept art by Patrik Hell. For this project I wanted to focus on trying out projection texturing for the face and also XGen interactive grooming to generate haircards for the fur collar thing. It was very difficult to avoid the "flaky" look with the fur when using this semi-automated approach so I hope to try it again some time. Screenshots directly from UE4.